ZKSwap Sets Out Roadmap for 2021

  • March 6 2021, ZKSwap will launch the Proof-of-Liquidity (POL) mining campaign with long-term incentives for liquidity providers;
  • March 21 2021,ZKSwap will launch a separate 100% full ZK rollup version with both L1 and L2 data on chain to further enhance platform security.
  • Support user-initiated unlimited token listings: a user can join the Layer2 network as an individual and utilise Gas-free transaction and swap services provided by ZKSwap;
  • Enables dynamic configuration for Layer2 system parameters, further shortening the time spend on withdrawal from Layer2 to Layer1;
  • Support non-fungible ERC 721 token standard and NFT token transactions and swaps;
  • Adopt recursive zero-knowledge proof technology to further enhance the TPS of Layer2;
  • Release ZKS governance and usage policy of gZKS governance tokens.
  • Layer2 payment SDK launch, facilitating seamless access to wallets, exchanges, and payment providers;
  • Launching of Layer2 lending and stablecoin swap services and more Layer2 products.
  • Build a generic EVM model based on ZK-Rollup through circuits construction via EVM instruction set;
  • Generic EVM can enable seamless migrations to existing DeFi projects and provide better security than optimistic rollup;
  • More partnerships to be announced for Layer2 DeFi prosperity.

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ZKSpace (https://zks.org) is an all-in-one layer2 platform, featuring ZKSwap, ZKSea, and ZKSquare.