ZKSwap Announces New Round of 30-Day and 180-Day PoS Mining on Nov 23rd

ZKSwap has started a new round of 30-day and 180-day Proof-of-Staking (PoS) mining events on Nov 23rd, corresponding to 1x and 4x reward coefficients respectively with a total reward of 3 million ZKS.

Now, ZKSwap is open to community users in 3 different time periods of staking, i.e., 30-day, 180-day, and 360-day. The reward coefficients range from 1x to 8x. Please note, there are only about 9 and 3 months left before the two 360-day PoS mining events end, with the current APY over 80% and 120% separately.

Users who participate in 360-day staking will also get gZKS which is the governance token on ZKSwap. With gZKS, you will be able to propose and vote, greatly involved in the community and future of ZKSwap.

Click here to join our PoS mining!

How to start mining? Check our step-by-step tutorial.

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