ZKSpace Weekly Dev & Operations Report (1.31–2.4)

Hi, swappers!

This week, we’ve completed the 10th token burn scheme based on the economic white paper, burning a total of 25,777 ZKS tokens in Jan 2022.

Launched on Jan 28, the Eco Deposit has helped users save significantly on gas fees, 70% cheaper than the regular deposit mode. Dozens of users have experienced the service.

Meanwhile, hundreds of users have participated in the ZKSea NFT mining rewards program. This week, Layer 2 has over 2,400 NFT assets, a daily transaction volume of 1,000 or more, and a daily turnover exceeding $500K. The campaign will run for another seven days, and massive rewards will be distributed every day.

Further, the ZKSpace Sticker Event will end on Feb 13 at 24:00 UTC in the ZKSpace worldwide official group. We look forward to your participation in this event for a chance to win 10K in ZKS rewards.

Additionally, ZKS started listing on the Latoken Exchange on Jan 26, and we will launch an exciting campaign on Feb 7. Last but not least, the anniversary promotion event is under development and will go online on Feb 14. Stay tuned for our new adventures!

About ZKSpace

The all-new ZKSpace platform consists of three main parts: ZKSwap, the innovative Layer 2 AMM DEX utilizing ZK-Rollups technology, payment service ZKSquare, and an NFT minting center and marketplace called ZKSea. With an all-new-look user interface, NFT support, unlimited token listing, smoother withdrawal, optimized efficiency, and multi-chain support, ZKSpace aims to implement EVM-compatible ZK-Rollups and bring the community more layer 2-based products in the near future.

Stay Tuned





ZKSpace (https://zks.org) is an all-in-one layer2 platform, featuring ZKSwap, ZKSea, and ZKSquare.

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ZKSpace (https://zks.org) is an all-in-one layer2 platform, featuring ZKSwap, ZKSea, and ZKSquare.

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