Winner List of ZKSwap V2 Testnet Campaigns

Dear users:

In celebration of the V2 Testnet launch, we held two product test programs from June 23 to July 6, 2021. Hundreds of community members have participated in the programs, giving valuable feedback regarding their experience with the V2 testnet and the Unlimited Token Listing feature. Today, we are excited to announce the winners of the two-week V2 testnet campaigns!

Although we emphasized in the campaign post on Forum that participants must specify in the title of their post whether it is related to the #ZKSwap V2 Testnet Feedback# or the #ZKSwap V2 Token Listing Feedback#, some posts were left undefined. To make all meaningful posts get rewarded, we have combined winners of the campaigns together.

Among the 225 winners, 12 won the Best Contribution Award while 213 won the Honorable Mention Award. (Click here to check out the winner list.)

As users were allowed to join both of the campaigns, it is possible that some may win twice, i.e., one for Campaign I: Try V2 Testnet and Get Rewarded and the other for Campaign II: Try Unlimited Token Listing and Get Rewarded.


How to Receive Your Rewards

Don’t forget to leave your Forum ID, winning post(s), and layer 2 address below our Forum announcement before 10:00 (UTC) July 26 if you are one of the winners whose address is missing. Otherwise, you may lose the chance to get your rewards.


[ZKSwap V2 Testnet Campaign Winners]

Forum ID: zksgogogo

Winning Post(s):

Address: 0xxxxxxxxxx

When to Receive Your Rewards

Rewards will be distributed to your layer 2 address following an official launch of the ZKSwap V2 mainnet.



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