TVL on ZKSwap reached $1.5 billion after 2 months since mainet launch,14th April

2 min readApr 14, 2021


Today’s ZKSwap status: As of 19:00 GMT on April 14, 2021

  • TVL $1583 million
  • Liquidity $1050 million
  • Transaction 4469 (24 hrs transactions)

TVL hit $1.5 billion today! A breakthrough after 70hrs since the liquidity campaign and two months since mainet launch. We are now supporting 99 trading pairs and providing a total liquidity value of more than $1 billion.

Also, thanks for joining our workshop today! And you can still check our Twitter for text streaming.

As mentioned yesterday, you can expect our first weekly newsletter from the dev and product team on key issues in the coming days, and users can follow our work closely. For example, we are now testing our mobile app and community forum internally, and they will come out soon!

We were also being asked about NFT which was announced before. We have reached out to several artists and galleries, and they are designing them at the moment. We’d also like to ask for more patience since it takes a great amount of work to produce al-together 1993 pieces. An announcement will be made when there’s a further update on this.

Q&A of the Day

Are APIs ready on production currently? Does this mean that sites have what they need to list ZKSwap?

Yes and yes.

How can I see my unclaimed rewards from the last PoL?

If you have unclaimed rewards from our first phase PoL, you can go to your “My Reward” page of PoL and untick “Your Mining”, it will then show the assets from the previous PoL.

When will the rewards for the first 5000 participants be distributed?

The rewards will be distributed at the end of the campaign.

Do I need to have ETH on Layer2 wallet on ZKS to swap assets?

No, it’s gas-free on layer 2. You only pay the gas when depositing assets to L2 from L1 since that will be done on Ethereum.

How much gas do I need to pay when depositing to Layer2 Wallet?

This will depend on Ethereum since the gas fee is paid on Layer 1.

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