Defying the stigma, ZKSwap’s Clarification on Bad Rumours

Despite our sincere attitude and belief in building the L2 ecosystem, unfortunately we have been subjected to constant slander from our peers. So much so that many misunderstandings and rumors have started to appear in the community.

Today, we state our work fact-based to dispel the cloud of doubt and set the record straight. As one of the earliest explorers in L2, I hope our peer project can give clear guidance to the community, rather than giving misinformation based on subjective malicious assumption.

1.We appreciate the contributions made by our peer project, but also hope that the community understands what open source is; zkSync is an open source project, which means that all developers can develop and optimize on the basis of the source code.

We have made a big amount of refactoring and innovation with gratitude and respect for MIT protocol on original authorship, and

- Modified a large number of bugs in its original code.

- Added Swap feature in Layer2

- Added AMM (automatic market maker) feature

- Added Swap Circuit code

- Shorten time for withdrawal from 5 hours to 30 minutes

- Layer2 TPS has been improved by tenfolds

- Developed the fastest GPU version of zero-knowledge proof system based on plonk

2. After being questioned why we did not open source, we clarified our plan to make the source code public according to the original plan — March 1st. We kept our words and made that code available. We didn’t open source beforehand because we wanted to be subject to the most rigorous audit (Slowmist Certik ABDK ), one of which was also the auditing team for our peer project. Unfortunately, our caution and prudence was misinterpreted as an ulterior motive. And we will always act to break these misinterpretations and rumors.

3. Last but not least — the constant use of the term “steal the fund” by our peer project. We just want to say that It is unethical to keep giving bad hints to the community and use it to suppress peers.We have repeatedly stated that it was a trade-off between data availability and gas fee/efficiency when we decided to pull L2 transaction data offchain.


We listen to our community and respond fast to the feedback from the community, and will launch a dual version (with 100% roll up, L2 data onchain version) between 3.14–3.21 for users to choose on their will.

The L2 industry is in its infantile stage and the success will be based on collaboration, not petty rivalries that add no value to users. We work our best to adhere to both ethical and industrial standards and value honesty within our organization. We do not rely on misleading marketing tactics that would erode the trust of our community.

ZKSwap is an AMM modeled layer2 dex based on Practical ZK-Rollups — the ZKSpeed Protocol.

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